Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ace Pilot character lineup

This is a first in the long line of character designs that I'll be churning out for the game series "Ace Pilot". It's a story-driven game that stars "Ace" a master pilot who is better than everyone else. He has a knack for danger, women, and unknowingly makes other people look like utter crap.

From left to right:

The Lieutenant: A leader in the intergalactic police S.U.C.
Kim Jong Krill: The oppressive leader of the Krill who has a bitter past and a score to settle with Ace
Krill soldier: Just a lowly soldier. Tastes good with breading and soy sauce.
Lieutenant Latif: Kim Jong Krill's lieutenant that hides a violent past behind his absolute obedience.
Herman: A cowardly messenger who hates his job, relaying messages especially to Ace.
Sprokit: The most badass mechanic in the universe. He works for Ace.

That's it, hope you dig all these characters! Btw, Hans Van Harken conceptualized and designed these originally, I was just tasked to redesign it to fit the animation.



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