Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Random Sketches of 2012/New Studio Rants and Raves

First sketches of 2012 are up! We were so busy messing up our new studio 
that I realized I haven't even sketched anything for my "1000 sketches in 2012" project. 
And I have to come up with an even more interesting title since the current one isn't even remotely so.

I just realized that just now since I don't get that much silence since we moved in here. It's the same thing 
with sleep. I get woken up evey day by noisy people scurrying up and down the road and even though the room where we sleep in is pretty distanced from it with the lawn and all that, their voices feel like it refuses to be ignored. It's getting pretty crazy. 

With that said, I think I like it here. People sleep and wake up early. It's like a 
place that still hasn't been tainted with pollution and modern day things like that. The 
kids still play in the streets and everybody knows everybody. Hell, they 
even know we're the dudes who moved in 2 blocks away from them. Sure people disturb my 
sleep at 8 in the friggin morning but maybe waking up early isn't so bad. Maybe this place 
will remove some bad habits of mine with it's infectious country lifestyle. Or 
maybe I just need more sleep.

Anyway, here's another one I did as a warm up today:

 Whoever he is, he sure is one fugly motherfucker.



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