Thursday, April 25, 2013

A recommitment to professionalism

I remember it very clearly, it was a normal sunny day. I was inside my crowded apartment starting though the window. The previous days have been wasted in browsing the internet and playing games which I don't even remember. I feel terrible, I'm wasting my life and I know I have to make a decision. June 12, 2012 was the day I committed myself into becoming a professional. 

This commitment was brought upon a special audiobook I bought several weeks before - Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield - which was and is my go-to book whenever I feel like I'm out of touch with the way I should be living. It emphasizes that an individual that wants to be the person that he's destined to be must rely on order and regularity instead of a few days with a blaze of glory to make anything substantial. He must turn pro.

So I did, and it brought upon great results. I did 8-10 backgrounds for my animation short till I changed my mind and switched to making comics which I did a lot of episode outlines, character C.V's and 3 full-color pages. After that, I slid back to my old chaotic ways and forgot about the commitment.

I did try several times to recommit, they lasted around several days to a month then a fast slide back down chaosland. But I still remember the feeling I have when I was acting like a pro. It's a relaxed feeling of following a certain schedule, doing whatever you can in the time allotted and leaving everything else in the hands of the muses. I liked that idea, and frankly, it's the best routine I had that's why I'm recommitting back to it. 

Once again, I need to become a professional and this time, I'm sticking to it. I have no excuses this time, I'm living alone, my life is peaceful, and I'm healthy in every way. Combined with the effortless life learning experiment, I think this will be my best year so far.

This quick doodle shows nothing of what I learned

The only thing I needed to do for this is to keep my schedule. I'm also keeping my Effortless life experiment for learning which would help greatly in this schedule due to it's emphasis on passion instead of goals. I'm already done with two things on my Pro Level Curriculum - I'm looking forward to the next challenge. Onward!


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