Friday, April 5, 2013

April - Hand Month!

Google "senshi stock hands" for tons of reference

April is the month of hands! I'm currently on 100 out of 1000 hand drawings and it feels great to be finally doing something about hand drawing problems. I'll post all or maybe most of the drawings once I'm done with this and a tutorial as well. But that's thinking too far ahead. For now, all I'm thinking is to work so let's do this!

As with all things anatomy, it's not enough to learn how to draw it unless you're planning to draw realistically. You have to caricature it after learning it inside out, it's much more fun and if you're a cartoonist, you have to cartoon stuff out! Check out this mandatory JohnK post I share on every anatomy study entry:

And you know the drill, I always have a plan:

Weeks 1 and 2: Construction and learning how the hand works

-Make 150 realistic copies of hands and 150 drawings of your own using construction, to a total of 300

*study thumb(function and appeal), study other fingers(function and appeal), learn appealing hand shapes this week

Week 3: Caricature:

-Make 300 caricatures of hands. Have fun with proportions and don't be afraid to experiment!

Week 3: Gesture and body language

- Study these book chapters and make 200 drawings of hands in the situations described in said chapters

A. p. 133 - Getting a Grip - Nonverbals of the hands and fingers - What EveryBODY is saying 

B. p. 31 - The power is in your hands - The definitive book on body language

Week 4: Cartoon hands

-Make 200 studies of John K, Preston Blair and Looney tunes hands

Weeks after: Make a hand-drawing tutorial

-show how to draw it realistically then show how to caricature it

Some great examples of where I wanna be at, drawing hands-wise:

And reposting my general method of learning anatomy in case I lose track:

General method of learning:


1. Learn construction and how it works
2. Draw lots of realistic copies using construction and knowledge of it's function on male
3. Make lots of caricatures of said body part! Widen study by doing same part but of woman, teens, children and old people. If not applicable, do certain body types instead - fat, skinny, muscular etc
5. Study general body language books for notes on the specific body part
6. Make lots of caricatures of said body part!
7. Once general idea is thoroughly understood, learn more by copying cartoon counterparts


1. After copying from reference, draw it from memory as accurately as you can.
2. Another good exercise is to draw a body part position from imagination then compare from a reference and see the mistakes.

1. It's incredibly important that you visualize the level of draftsmanship that you want to be before starting to study. Post a single picture, or save a single animation sequence of where do you want to go with this.
2.  Make slow careful drawings at first to understand the lesson and once you feel like you
get it, draw a huge volume to sear it in your brain
3. When running our of reference, turn to your greatest reference- yourself!


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