Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Latest Anime-ish character designs

New designs for work. This time the theme is a girl who loves superheroes. I widened the descriptions though, see for yourself:

1. A little superhero girl. This girl is really adorable but her moves are really brash and violent due to influence of film and tv. She thinks of herself as a real superhero trapped in a little girl's body.
2. The method-acting cosplayer. In every costume she wears, she becomes that character. Confidence and great poses are her signature in game. She knows how to project her best angles.
3. The consumer fangirl. Just a typical teenage girl addicted to cartoons, books, and internet culture. She lacks athletic ability or finesse but has hard hitting moves because of her bulk.
4. Shy "harajuku" nerd. This girl grew up embracing the fashion of Japan and it's famous street named "harajuku" where people express themselves through clothing. She is terribly shy though, and often hides the lower part of her face in a mask. In game this shyness will be relayed through a bit of indecisiveness in her every move.
5. Boisterous working girl. This girl acts more manly than most man, she works blue collar jobs and shouts a lot. In game this will translate to really manly moves that will surely match her tomboyish look.


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