Friday, June 7, 2013

More Anime-ish character designs

New character designs for work! The theme was a rocker dude. I totally enjoyed thinking of the designs and envisioning their personalities, you can read em below: (from screen left to right)
1. A bar room player who likes to play energetic songs. I imagined something like the men from the tap dance scene in titanic. So this personality will translate in the animation by giving him hillbilly like jumpy movements.
2. Wild rocker - just like his look, this guy plays with reckless abandon and wild kicks like there’s no tomorrow. 
3. This guy is a blues singer. Suave and groovy, just like what his moves will be in game. Moves like James Brown or something like that.
4. The depressed, cranky artist. This guy doesn’t sleep and is underpaid. In game this will translate for sloppy moves, and poor balance. 
5. Heartbroken drummer. This guy just got out of a 7-year relationship. He’s totally emotional and pours out his soul in playing the drums. For the game he could be constantly intense and crying as he releases his frustration in every move.


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