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Thursday, February 6, 2014

January - Continuation of Design and Prep Work for Months to Come

Another year, another batch of days to improve or atleast claw my way out of the holes I dig myself! One thing I'll to do this year is to track my progress each month. I find that doing so keeps me motivated, sometimes by the sheer shame of how I practically did nothing to move forward. 

Besides playing the stupidly addicting card game Hearthstone, here are the things I've worked on.

A fairly shy Frankenstein design

Aladdin, inspired by looking at old MAD Magazines


Cockaigne, an imaginary land thought of by smelly medieval peasants

Avalon, where the trees are delish and King Arthur's blood flows freely

Sodom and Gomorrah, now known as Vegas

5 out of 6 of these illustrations are done when I didn't have a freelance gig. After I had one, things have progressed turtle slow. Hearthstone, big surprise, is something I blame for this as well. But forward motion is forward motion so onwards to February.