Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boybogart's Influence Map

I know, I know. I’m way too late for this, but I still learned a lot about my preferences in making it. The most recurring themes I noticed in this are - a. Well constructed, appealing animation b. Fantasy c. Humor
Here’s a list of what/who’s in it:
1. Chuck Jones - One of the greatest animators/directors that lived. 
2. John K - Great teacher, made me appreciate the Golden age more

3. Regular show - I regularly watch the regular show
4. Magic the Gathering - Kev Walker, Mark Zug - The card game started my interest in fantasy art. Kev walker’s art is just insanely good, I always get inspired when I look at it. Mark Zug is another artist that is a huge inspiration to me, I remember writing him an email several years ago, telling him how huge his paintings made an impact on me to pursue a career in art. Reading his response was really awesome, I can’t imagine I just “talked” to the guy whose paintings I stared at too many hours when I was a kid.
5. Fleischer's Popeye run - Clean, and simple fun but their gags still make me laugh
6. Bob’s burgers - Never fails to make me laugh. Tina’s capoeira episode is hysterical! I’m feeling the urge to watch it again later.
7. Fred Moore - Great poses and appeal is what he does best.
8. Andrew Loomis - His books taught me how to draw properly. He made self study possible for me.
9. Mike Mattesi - My animation teacher right now, his concepts made me see the world through different lenses.
10. Stardust - I still remember the feeling I got after I watched this film. It was pure joy and fuzziness. 
11.Matt Dixon - Insanely fun paintings. Plus his brush strokes are delicious. Doesn’t get better than that. 
12. Dragon age origins - I also still remember the feeling after I finished the game. It felt like saying goodbye to a world that I loved, and to friends that I knew.
13. Wayne Reynolds - I love the way he uses blacks/shadows on his art.
14. Gravity falls - Nice animation, great backgrounds, memorable characters and funny. This show is a winner.
Runner ups (also known as the ones that didn’t fit the meme):

15. Lewis Trondheim - Incredibly talented comic storyteller. His works are some of the most memorable comics I've ever read. His themes are also really unique and fun.
16. Eric goldberg - The man himself is really fun, he’s like a big balding kid. And his animations are amazing. I ordered his book last week and I can’t wait to get it on my veiny hands. 
17. Bill Watterson - Everyone knows him, the man who gives profound life lessons through his cute comic strip.
18. Fullmetal Alchemist - It was the show that I wish would never end.
19. John Nevarez - Very forceful, gestural drawings. He also makes insane layouts and BG’s.
20. Gobelins - I used to be obsessed with the quality of the animations the students of this school produces. These days, my interests have changed but it doesn’t mean I still don’t get inspired by seeing these wonderful animations.
21. Zen pencils - Inspiration in comics form, this is one of my goals.

22. Asterix - I like the way Uderzo draws fat men in action.


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