Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ugly Jenny - Concept art

For some reason, I suddenly remembered Ritchard Gale's scummy face yesterday while thinking of who to reference as an awkward teenage bully for my animation short for Force class. Looking back, I think I made the right choice, that face looks just like the part! 

Applying concepts of construction really helped in this pliable noggin'.

What a pretty piercing.  Too bad I can't the same for where it's attached to.

  But after I did that, I feel like a scum as well so to wash off this dirty feeling, I immediately looked for references to Jenny - the main character in the animation short. I found this little girl that is just so cute! I've almost forgotten I was looking at Ritchard Gale's face a few minutes ago!

Jenny isn't so ugly after all.


I had to tweak her age though, since this super cute girl is just too young to be able to run really fast and do action stuff...or would it be funnier if she is like this really young kid that does all this action star stunts. Hmm, that is something to think about, sorry thinking aloud.

Anyway, I feel positive towards most of the designs, Jenny's eyes is bothering me though. It feels anime-ish, and just doesn't show depth and solidity. I'll rest on this for a bit and come back later with a more pliable, animatable eyes for our cute heroine, or maybe a younger, cuter design. We'll see. 


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